Craftsmen, designers, gallerists

Human Heritage highlights exceptional creators from all around the world, through their creations and craftsmanship.

Become part of the story


Because there is a fundamental question: What would we leave as a heritage to future generations from the glorious past of our craftsmanship.
Because we want to connect men and women in total control of rare crafts of excellence with men and women thirsty for culture, history and uniqueness.
Because every day excellence expertise disappears, historical anchors drown in a world where the immediate is king. We abandon our time-honored traditions, led by the never-ending production of our ephemeral modernity.


We promote your craftsmanship

Your creations displayed among our selection of exceptional craftsmanship.


Promoting the craftsmanship:
Our editorial team present in detail the story and the craftsmanship around your creations.
Promoting personalization:
Your vocation is to create unique pieces. Our mission is to initiate the manufacturing of custom-made truly unique pieces with our willing customers, created for them and with them.
We sublimate your creations through a high-end and technological image processing.


Gain a worldwide visibility



Worldwide diffusion:
We display in English and French to 80 countries around the world.

Professional partners:
Your craftsmanship is introduced to our worldwide network of architects and interior designers.

The Circle Members:
We display a preview of your craft, your art, and one of your most exceptional creation, to all members of our exclusive private club, The Circle.


On all of our communication media

We ensure the promotion of your craftsmanship through all of our communication media.



An order with Human Heritage

Business opportunities:
An opportunity to reach and develop an international targeted customer base.

Customer care:
Our customer care service team, which is multilingual, will qualify and precise our customers requests before contacting you.

Financial guarante:
Human Heritage will remain your only billing contact. We guarantee an advance payment of 50% to start a new project, and a full payment of the price before delivery.



Our business model

Free of charge:
Armed by our convictions, your integration in Human Heritage selection is free of charge until February 15, 2014. It is only the result of your expertise and the quality of your creations.
From the beginning of our partnership, the Human Heritage convention comes to define the principles and detailed rules for our collaboration, and also the prices of the creations displayed through Human Heritage, excluded custom-made manufacturing service.
Before any personalization or custom-made manufacturing order, we define together a percentage of the public price, depending the nature of the project.


Rejoignez dès à présent la communauté


Provide craftspeople the opportunity to promote their exceptional expertise. Harbor people and companies that appreciate this art at its true extent. Keep the memory of the history, the materials, and the methods. Restore the product to its status of singularity and uniqueness. Catalyze, promote and ensure the sustainability of this Heritage of Humanity.